Terms and Conditions




Sponsor shall mean Entertainment Agents' Association (GB)

Promoter shall mean Champions (UK) plc

Title shall mean National UK Tribute Music Awards 2017 (Awards Presentations)

Award Winner shall mean The Act

To Enter the Awards Presentations

The National UK Tribute Music Awards 2017 is open to all residents of the UK. The act must have been trading commercially as a tribute act from at least July 2015. Any act not managed or represented by a member of the Entertainment Agents' Association (GB) may still enter the Awards Presentations but must be nominated or booked by an existing member (details below).

All Acts must agree and accept the terms and conditions in their entirety and agree:

  1. To complete the application form in full (other than sections not applicable to your Act)
  2. To abide by the judging panel decision
  3. All / or any ( to be decided by the Promoter / Sponsor) Award winners agree to be selected to perform at the Award Presentations, chosen acts will be confirmed by the Promoter and Sponsor and will be able to perform one spot for at least ten minutes but no more than twenty minutes
  4. All / or any (to be decided by the Promoter / Sponsor) Award winners selected to perform at the Awards Presentations will be contracted by the Promoter to perform 'as known' ie. to perform as the Award Winning Tribute Act.
  5. There is no fee payable whatsoever by the Act to the Promoter / Sponsor or any other third party to enter the Awards Presentations
  6. There is no fee payable whatsoever by the Promoter / Sponsor or any other third party to the Act for any performance or expenses occurred during the Awards Presentation, by The Act - Award Winners.
  7. Non- attendance of the Act during the Awards presentation ceremony will render the designated Award cancelled and no other Award or fee will be presented to the act
  8. The Act will supply all information and materials as requested within the application form.
  9. To participate fully in promotional and marketing activities.
  10. The Act gives permission to possibly record, film or broadcast the live performance if required at the Awards Presentations and in the event of doing so, the Act agrees no remuneration will be due to them whatsoever by any means.
  11. The act confirms that they do not know of any legal reason or has received correspondence from rightful owners of a trade name e.g. 'The Jersey Boys' informing the tribute act to cease trading the 'use of' the said trademark or registered name and therefore takes full and sole responsibility for and legal action against them by such wronged parties.
  12. The Act confirms that it holds current insurance for public liability and any equipment used during the Awards Event is fully tested and holds PAT tested certificates
  13. The Act agrees that it will totally and effectively indemnify the and / or The Promoter Sponsor and hold harmless any claims whatsoever ( including, without limitation, legal expenses)from any third party against claims, demands, losses, costs, charges, personal or legal expenses, including privacy, performance rights, copyright or other intellectual rights of any other persons or company.
  14. The Promoter / Sponsor reserve the right to cancel or amend the Awards Presentations due to force majeure or for any other reason without claim or costs against it whatsoever.
  15. Agree to observe the procedures of the Promoters / Sponsor in regards to set up, rehearsals, timings, fire and safety instructions and general management of the Awards Event requested by the Promoters / Sponsor.
  16. The Promoter / Sponsor reserve the right to change the terms and conditions of The Awards Presentations at any time without any claims or costs awarded against them whatsoever.
  17. The Act agrees to fully abide by the terms and conditions of the Awards Presentations.
  18. The Act or any of its representatives (if any) will not use verbal or any written form of abuse or detrimental statements against the Promoter / Sponsor including any format of social media including but not limited to Facebook, twitter etc or any individuals involved in the organisation of the Awards Presentations. You also agree that by doing so will render you liable to legal action against you.
  19. The Promoter / Sponsor reserves the right to disqualify any Award Winner that is considered to have acted in an unprofessional manner, breached any of the rules / terms and conditions whatsoever or provided untruthful information within the application form. In the case of any dispute, the Promoter / Sponsor decision is final.
  20. The terms and conditions of the Awards Presentations shall have sole jurisdiction in the Law Courts of England and Wales only.
  21. No further communication in any form will be accepted by the Promoter / Sponsor regarding the judging panel decision which will be accepted by the applicant as final.
  22. All decisions by the Promoter / Sponsor shall be considered final and binding.
  23. All applications must be received by the deadline of Midnight Wednesday 24th May . Entries received after that date will not be considered.


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